We are CLOSING OUR DOORS for good December 31st! 🚪I need to focus on family this coming year. LAST CHANCE to grab your favorite designs!!! 👚
We are CLOSING OUR DOORS for good December 31st! 🚪I need to focus on family this coming year. LAST CHANCE to grab your favorite designs!!! 👚
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Here are some of the top questions we get.  Thanks for asking them.  We want to make sure you’re super happy!                                                                                              

Q: How do the unisex shirts fit?

A: They run large on women. Most ladies prefer to go 1 size down than they normally wear in ‘women’s’ tops, unless you want a loose and comfy fit.

(In the pic above, the purple and berry shirts are size unisex medium, and the mustard and gray and unisex small. I’m about 5’ 6” and 125ish lbs when I’m not pregnant lol! I generally wear a women’s size medium.)

Q: Do the shirts shrink?

A: Nope. The shirts should never shrink. Although in 2 years I’ve had 2 customers email me and said their shirt shrank, and they sent me a picture. I immediately sent them a replacement shirt for free, and haven’t had any other incidents. But if I do, I will update this!

Q: Do the shirts stretch?

A: Yes! They are very stretchy and will fit any body shape nicely. However, they won’t stay ‘stretched out’ but will bounce to their regular size. For this reason, a lot of women (myself included!) wear these shirts during pregnancy for their comfort.

Q: Do you have any 100% cotton tees?

A: Yes; black, royal blue, mint, and pink short sleeve are all 100% cotton. The other 8 colors are a cotton-poly blend. All shirts are super soft and ultra comfy!

Q: Where are you located?

A: Utah, USA

Q: Is purple really your favorite color?

A: well, isn’t it yours? :0)

Q: Do all orders over $45 really get free shipping in the lower 48 USA?

A: Yes! 

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: We estimate 2-3 weeks {though we do our very best to make sure your items arrive faster than that. Thanks for being patient - we’re worth the wait!}

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes. If your country is not included, message me and I will add shipping rates for your location. International orders select your own shipping options and pay the exact fee which goes to the postage company. We do not make a single cent or profit from international postage.

Q: What is your favorite day of the week?

A: Sunday, thanks for asking. 

Q: Are all jewelry products safe from lead and nickel?

A: Yes, Of course! Keeping our customers happy and safe is our top priority. 

Q: “Mommy, are mermaids really REAL” (frequently asked by my 6-year old daughter)

A: “I guess you get to decide, in your own heart. Do YOU believe they are real???”

her reply: “I’m not sure, but they are definitely pretty!” 

 Q: Do all orders come with a free bonus surprise?

A: Yes! (Oops! Hope we didn’t spoil anything) ;•)


Jewelry Care Instructions:

Always remove your jewelry before showering or sleeping to avoid tarnishing or breakage.

Jewelry can be polished with a soft cloth or jewelry cleaning wipe. Immediately dry any moisture that comes in contact with jewelry.

Never submerge jewelry into polishes or cleaners. A dry polishing cloth should be all you need to remove fingerprints and body oils.

Jewelry with adornments may have low impact resistance and may snap or break if dropped or slammed.

Treat your jewelry with the same care you would expect when handling glass.

But if any accident occurs, message us and we’ll do our best to make it right.

Simple Email support@purplepromiseshop.com with any questions or issues. We’re here to help.