We are CLOSING OUR DOORS for good December 31st! 🚪I need to focus on family this coming year. LAST CHANCE to grab your favorite designs!!! 👚
We are CLOSING OUR DOORS for good December 31st! 🚪I need to focus on family this coming year. LAST CHANCE to grab your favorite designs!!! 👚
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Why “Purple Promise Shop”


Why “Purple Promise Shop”?

“He’s probably going to die before his 2nd birthday. Some kids make it to age 4, but that’s very rare” the doctor told us as I stared down at my baby hooked to endless machines in the hospital bed.

As a young new mom, I couldn’t believe what was happening!

I had so many hopes and dreams for my perfect, healthy boy. He was going to conquer life and do anything he wanted!! Right?

At least, that’s what I thought for 5 months...

Shortly after a routine doctor checkup, my baby boy started having seizures, and also went completely paralyzed. He lost all his skills - eye contact, baby babbling sounds, rolling over and using his arms - it all went away overnight! This was the scariest and most confusing thing my husband and I had EVER been through.

I felt so many emotions: disbelief, anger, sadness, fear, but mostly sheer PANIC!

What was happening?!??!

I didn’t know anything about medical-related stuff beyond Tylenol, Benadryl, and *magical mommy kisses* along with a bandaid and neosporin to fix scraped knees. When those didn’t work, you ask a doctor. So that’s what we did.

We were in and out of hospitals, ran LOTS of tests, started medications and treatments. After a lot of questions, hope, and prayers, nothing seemed to work. We had no answers except “he’s having seizures, he’s paralyzed, and probably going to die.”

I watched as my perfect baby turned into an empty zombie. It was anguishing.

At first, I trudged along and followed all the advice “professionals” gave me. But it only made things worse.

So I quickly started reading as much as I could. I learned all about diet and how much food really mattered, the gut-brain connection, the microbiome, and how “modern medicine” like drugs, chemicals and vaccines were actually causing chronic diseases and even killing people. (*gasp, with feelings of anger and wanting to vomit* What?!)

This SHOCKED ME. And I couldn’t believe it could be true. 

Over and over, I kept getting messages from other moms saying the same things: our modern lifestyles were harming our kids. I kept reading that if you want real health, you have to get back to more traditional “ancient” ways of living. That means: eating REAL food, using all natural products, avoiding toxins as much as possible, plus detoxing and cleansing to keep our bodies well.

I didn’t know anything about that! It all felt so different and overwhelming.

I had so many discouraging, conflicting thoughts. By 2016, I was in the DARKEST part of my nightmare, and became deeply depressed.

I was so torn up that I had suicidal thoughts regularly. I thought I would NEVER be able to keep my family protected, healthy, and safe. It was daunting.  

So I kept learning. Kept reading. Kept asking questions and talking to other moms going through it too. Other MOMS educated me way more than doctors, or the science classes I took in college. 

Thankfully, by the grace of God, I’ve been able to keep my son alive, although he has severe damage. He might not be able to get a job, so we started this family company for HIM! So he has a way to earn money and use the skills he does have, with lots of help from us.

In 2019 (at the time I’m writing this) he has bested all odds and is now 10 years old. Yes, he still has very severe special needs: he still has seizures, still wears diapers, has meltdowns daily where he bangs his head into walls and floors, and he can’t speak. But he CAN WALK and use all 4 limbs again, which is a huge accomplishment!

He can hand me shirts, and put them into bags, and put a label on the order to ship it to you. 

We’ve done a lot of healing, and we’ll never stop! We’re always learning, and making progress.

Today more kids are sick and dying in the USA than ever before. You probably already know this by now.

But with people like YOU sharing their experience, and providing invaluable education to other families, we are saving more kids each day! 

Because THERE ARE THINGS WE CAN DO about it!!


We’re on a mission to fill the world with informed choices, kindness, love, understanding, and the idea that “Every 1 matters”!

The more we get our stories out, the more we help other parents avoid our pain, but preventing our mistakes. And if you “didn’t know any better” like me, than I want to wrap my arms around you to tell you YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

That's WHY we started Purple Promise Shop {PPS}.

Maybe we don't get to take a full spa day, or even do a session of yoga without getting pulled away to change our kid’s stinky diaper, buuuuut... we have 15 seconds to pop in some adorable earrings, wear an uplifting shirt, and add a little sunshine to our soul each day.

I mean, really. Feeling BEAUTIFUL and WORTH WHILE shouldn't be hard, expensive, or uncomfortable. And sharing our message to help other people shouldn’t be scary. It should feel good, it should be affordable, and it should fit into our busy mom lifestyle. Amirite?! 

We’re so excited to bring all these things to you! And we’re even more delighted that we get to use a portion or proceeds to help Special families that truly DESERVE support and encouragement.

Even though we can't help you get more sleep, we'll provide the comfy shirts and sparkly accessories, to help you tackle your own self-care. {I also encourage gardening, and chocolate.}

We personally design or hand-select each and every item. We test them (meaning we shamelessly wear them first, and see if we get compliments, or strange looks heehee). Then only the very BEST of the best are brought to our shop for YOU.

PURPLE is the color of Epilepsy awareness, it’s also the color of Royalty. We think that’s not a coincidence.  

Every day we make a royal contract with the universe, a PURPLE PROMISE, to love ourselves, and give everyone the best version of US we have to offer in this moment.

The more LOVE and JOY we can give ourselves, the more we can sprinkle on others, which makes the world a better place. It's just what moms do.

We remind the world that “Every 1 Matters”.

PS What's the Purple Promise you'll make with yourself today?

PPS make someone else’s day by sharing something uplifting. You’ll be so happy you did. We’re so happy to help with that.